DMCA Policy

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy for Ceviit

    Ceviit expects that its users will do the same. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we respond quickly to any claims of copyright infringement reported to us by our Copyright Agent.

    Notification for Infringement of Rights:

    Please contact our copyright agent if you suspect that your work is being copied on this website in a manner that violates the copyright.

    1. The physical or electronic signature a signatory authorized by the exclusive rights owner to act in his/her behalf;
    2. Identification and representative list of all copyrighted materials at one online location that are included in a notification.
    3. Identify the materials that are claimed to infringe or be subject to infringing activities and to remove or disable access, with information that allows the service provider reasonably to locate them;
    4. Provide information that is sufficient for the provider of the service to be able to reach the complainant, including an address, phone number and, if possible, an email.
    5. The statement of the party complaining that they have a reasonable belief that the use of material as complained about is illegal, either by copyright owners, their agents, or under the law.
    6. Under penalty of perjury the complainant must state that all information contained in the notice is true and accurate. They also need to confirm that they are authorized by the exclusive rights owner who is accused of infringement.

    Send the notice of infringement to the Copyright Agent designated at our address below:



    You can send the following counter-notice to the Copyright Agent if you feel that the material removed from your site or the access to it was restricted was not infringing or that the owner of the copyright, his agent or the law allows you to use and post the material.

    1. Sign with your physical or electronic signature
    2. Identification and location of material removed from the web or for which access was disabled.
    3. An affirmation that you believe in good faith that the removed material or material that was disabled is a mistaken identification of that material.
    4. Name, address, phone number and email, consenting to jurisdiction by the federal courts in the district where you reside, or, if you live outside the United States of America, any district within which you may find the service provider, as well as a statement that the notification was received from an individual who will be accepting service.

    Ceviit will send the copy of the Counter-Notice received by its Copyright Agent to the complainant informing them that Ceviit can replace or stop disabling the material within 10 working days.